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Chasing light showcases projects that I work on that are just spur of the moment. A brain fart if you will. I have always had this overwhelming need to create, so I don’t always want to be under guidelines, time frames and production issues. I am not a big production type photographer. I just need my camera, a thought and a subject. So when these ideas present themselves, I want to jump right into them with no end goal, just the freedom of the organic creative outcome.
I called this Chasing Light because I am a photographer that rarely uses anything but natural or existing light. My images derive from how the light paints my subject. So I am always chasing that quintessential beam of light. Also, when I decide the subject that I am going to shoot, it usually has to do with what is on my mind at that exact time and I have to express it through imagery. It could be what I am intrigued about, turned on about or even scared to approach. Through the process, I find a bit of myself. In turn, always chasing light.


LEVEL UP – Keke Palmer

November 7, 2022


November 7, 2022


November 8, 2022

Love Struck Romeo

November 8, 2022

GET AWAY – Caity Lotz

November 10, 2022

LEARNING – Ian Bohen

November 15, 2022


November 16, 2022


November 17, 2022