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I was asked by an agent friend of mine to shoot someone he is working with. The goal… take a successful instagram influencer and see if you can bring an “old school” fashion image to her. Use hair, make up, styling and photography to bring an image… to balance the social media image of the “real” person.
So… to me the assignment was simple AND something I am very interested in exploring as I watch the art and creativity of photography being swallowed up by the IPhone and Instagram.
We scheduled 4 of 5 hours in downtown LA, at the showroom of a designer friend. He allowed me to dive into his archive to style and shoot this young beauty. In zero time, my little team and I launched into what we know best. 15 or so outfits… 3 or 4 wigs… multiple changes of make up… all shot in a slowly filling parking lot on a cloudy Sunday LA. I am sure that Lily had no idea what we were doing… but she went for the ride… was fully accepting of the wig that went on her head backwards and crooked. I loved it… she planned her escape!! LOL
But the images show what trained eyes… a point of view… and knowledge of pop culture history have the ability to create on the fly… what that can bring to the table. Like the results or not… There are no APPs or emojis that can replace that.

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