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When I sat down to shoot fabian… it wasn’t based on his millions of followers on all the platforms… it was on the thought if I could get this guy who is locked down in an image to open up and be free a bit. See what an eye like mine could bring out of him in a short time when collabing together to create images. As I sat in my place trying to figure out what I was going to shoot with Fabian… who had recently shaved his hair short and bleached it white for a short film he was in… I could only keep thinking of a book I have called The Last Sitting… Marylin Monroe photographed by Bert Stern.
I showed the book to Fabian and said… as much as Marilyn is the feminine ideal, you are the masculine ideal. In the images she is playing the photographer with character… all in a very simple environment. I need to find more character in you… the character and person that is past your social media persona you are putting out there. For a few hours…we got to find character through channeling Marilyn. We took elements and then just let it flow. I feel the results are the perfect mix of masculinity, femininity, vulnerability, narcissism… humor and sex appeal. We had fun doing it. It flowed easy… artist and muse for a moment.

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