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I had shot Jonathan Tucker at my Bel Air house at the beginning of my career nearly 20 years ago… then again for GQ for a movie he was in a few years later. Fast forward to now. His PR person is a friend of mine and he asked if I would like to shoot him again. I jumped at the chance. I find Jonathan to be such a great actor, character, and person. I think, is underrated in this industry. We did the shoot in two parts. One day at his house and one day at mine. It was like traveling avon ladies of photography. Both spontaneous shoots, made up on the spot. But what makes them so special is the pure, raw, intense charisma that radiates from Jonathan. He is so not afraid to put himself out there… expose himself. You have actors who are movie stars that have an image to keep intact, and you have actors that are in it for the craft. The joy of losing themselves in the character. I feel he is the latter. That movie star thing is right around the corner for him I am sure!

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