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I was cleaning out a room in my house and I took a painting down only to realize it was covering a window that looked right to the house next door. The window overlooked a rusty broken down balcony. As I looked at the balcony… the first thing that popped into my head was Romeo and Juliet… city style. Juliet could be on that balcony dreaming of Romeo. Maybe I was saying to myself… I need a date! Regardless, I went into shoot mode. The next day, I went to my favorite goodwill with $250.00 in tow. I found about 25 outfits with the Romeo and Juliet theme in mind. I knew my Juliet would be one of my favorite models, Chloe… Romeo came in a pair from an agent friend of mine. My new Romeo and Juliet story was a love triangle… more Bertolucci’s The Dreamers than the old school storyline. It was all shot around my house… making shit up as we went. Right down to the last shot, we used my truck’s headlights as a light source as the sun had gone down and I still wanted to shoot more!

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