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When I was at home in Minnesota visiting family, I went to a fashion show in Minneapolis. I sat next to a woman that had a beautiful necklace on, I asked her where she got it. She said she made it herself. I got her name and we in the months going forward… started to work together. she would send me her jewelry and I would shoot it in various projects. Time passed and I went back to Minnesota for my yearly family get together. I looked up Stephanie, who designed the jewelry and asked if she wanted to meet up. I met at her house in rural Minneapolis. We had a lovely afternoon. She showed me where she made her jewelry, the lower level of her home. She also showed me something that very much piqued my interest.
She was the sole owner of an entire archive of a late designer that designed clothes in the 40s 50’s and 60’s… Bonnie Cashin. An entire section of Stephanie’s home was a pop up showroom of the most beautiful clothes bags and accessories from nearly 75 years ago! Designs that look as modern today as they were groundbreaking in their time.
I asked Stephanie if she would ever let me shoot the pieces. She agreed. I went back to LA, gathered my little team, hopped on a plane and flew back to Stephanies. I used my favorite model Chloe and we shot all around Stephanie’s house. It was impromptu yet controlled chaos. It was a whirlwind. The fact that I got the opportunity to shoot these iconic pieces, create imagery that will stand the test of time and do it in such an organic and creative way staying true to the Bonnie Cashin montras… it was such an honor.

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