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This shoot was all about a deal made over a frilly cocktail on the roof of a hotel at the end of the pandemic. Keke put 100% trust into letting me shoot her without her usual team. Location… my assistantant’s two bedroom apartment..clothes from a vintage shop in Hollywood. risks..don’t worry about mistakes..have fun with the fashion. Keke came with her lovely mother in tow and got to be greeted by the curly Krusty the clown red wig. In Keke’s words..she’s a bit tired!!
Keke gave full trust and full energy. We shot in and around the cramped apartment for a few hours. Her mom watched on in approval. I watched in amazement. Keke owns the camera’s eye, creates character and focuses instantaneously. She makes me want to shoot and shoot…and we did. Outfit after outfit. People get caught up in big productions… the grandiose. This shoot was simple… raw… organic… intimate. Keke owned the room and I was happy to capture it!

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