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My assistant of 16 years, his wife represents an uber talented singer named Lady Blackbird. The second I met her, I had a full on crush!! soooo talented… the voice, her candor, her look… her strength. The music industry is relentless… a tough egg to crack. Overnight successes are decade long journeys. I’ve shot over 50 album packings of the biggest people and I have seen what it takes to make it. LBB has it, I believe. She’s a jazz singer with the roughness of Tina Turner, and the balls of janis joplin. It’s not so much that she wonders what she can do in the industry and if she will succeed… it is about what are they going to do for her?? Talent is talent… it doesn’t always fit in a box. Sometimes new boxes have to be made… in new shapes. It is not a solitary journey. You need people behind you to lift you up and support your journey. I asked if I could have an afternoon with LBB to shoot… play with fashion… help her understand her unique beauty. We literally did the shoot in my living room. LBB trusted me with the fashion that was very outside her comfort zone. Right or wrong with the choices… it opened her up to seeing she could be anything she wanted. There is a humor in it all that takes the edge off of having to be perfect. Like the experimental looks we shot that day, her incredible voice… I feel that will carry her through different genres of music, it is her starlike persona that will allow her opportunities she had no idea were there in her journey.

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