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I met Dania over a glass of wine with her manager. When she entered the room, there was such an extraordinary energy that lit me up and put a big smile on my face. Dania has been acting for twenty years or so, but she has a vibe that makes you feel she is fresh out of the gate. We agreed to do an impromptu shoot at her house. I just showed up with my little crew not knowing what to expect. We walked into her very welcoming Mediterranean influenced home greeted by one of her best friends visiting, kids running around, and husband coming and going. There was an ease and spirit that just said…go ahead… create… I’m always game for that! And that is what we did. One minute Dania was in a beautiful ball gown, the next, running around her house in a cream colored knitted throw in nothing more than a beautiful fragrance. She was open, sexy, powerful, vulnerable and just downright beautiful! A true muse. She brought her acting, her physicality, her expression… but best of all… her trust and confidence to the shoot.  This is definitely the beginning of a long term photographic relationship.

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