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I was getting absolutely crazy by the end of the pandemic. I needed to be creative… challenge my eye. So I woke up on a Saturday morning with an idea for a shoot based on some clothes I had seen at my friend’s showroom. I wanted to lift my gloomy spirits with a bit of color… humor… sexiness… silliness.
The shoot idea; part super hero… part anime… based on street art I have seen around the neighborhood. I wanted it to be witty and silly because I needed that in my life at that moment. I went to grab the clothes at the showroom and decided to challenge myself further. I stopped at Home Depot and found things that could be in the shoot… the colorful chain link, painters plastic… then I stopped at Ralph’s to see what I could find. I got the beach balls and the smiley face toys. I brought it all back to my place and shot the whole thing in a ten foot radius. It cracked me up the whole time I was shooting. What the fuck was I thinking!! LOL… But I love the outcome! It puts a smile on my face.

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