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I was asked by Luke’s agent to do a shoot to bring out his sexy side. Luke has had a very successful jump start into a modeling career landing multiple campaigns right out of the gate. But it was his agent’s intent for me to find the true model in Luke… what is his sex appeal? When we met for the shoot, Luke was  polite, kind, smiley and lovely. He didn’t radiate sex…lol! But what makes shooting spontaneously for me fun is the ability to speak one on one with my subject, learning about them, what makes them tick. With no interference from others’ opinions. There was a point in that chat that I asked Luke if he was Amish because he was so polite and proper. He just laughed at me and started to tell me stories. Then I was inspired to pick up the camera.
What I found in this first shoot of Luke was…yes…he is sexy…but in a truly modern way. He is 6 ft 4 of pure physical beauty. Athletic, tan, almost a cliche. But what makes him so unique and what I believe to be the next big thing in men’s modeling, is his truly, god given, androgynous face. It is as much female as it is male… without effort. No tricks. Just take a look at his supermodel sister and you will realize the power of genetics! I look forward to shooting more with this curious and exploring young man. He wants to take on the world around him without missing a beat. I look forward to being there with my camera in tow!

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