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A stylist friend asked me if I would like to shoot a friend of his that was an actor. Seemed like a cool guy so I said… sure come on over to the place and we will just shoot. Most people need a plan… a structure… talk talk but this was purely spontaneous.
Ian had a cool energy that felt very masculine yet at the same time playful and light hearted… witty. There was a sexiness about him that wasn’t in your face… it showed itself simply. The fun thing about shooting actors is that when they are given a direction, if they are true actors, it resonates with them immediately. It gives them a lane to be in… and off they go. I am a very directive photographer. To some that is disconcerting… but to the people I want to work with it is a golden ticket. It allows the subject to be free in their own spirit and me to realize my vision. Ian just went for the ride. Simple portrait shoots turn into something textural… emotive… open. I really like how this shoot captured different sides of the man… all just running around my backyard letting go.

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