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Barton G is a restaurant group that focuses on the pure fantasy and experiential possibilities of the dining experience. There is a mad scientist/Willy Wonka quality to the escapism of their brand. Eating a honey dripped salad surrounded by a hive of bees and oozing honey. It’s theater, props and a show when you sit down and dine. As well as delicious amazingly creative food. It was my job to capture that experience on film, in a way that just doesn’t show people eating a meal. I took their menu and created a series of images based on those meals. We shot out in the middle of the desert and a circus props place, building these crazy layered, fantastical images under 100 degree heat. It was a nutty shoot with lots of people and chaos but we kept sticking to the plan of fantasy and playfulness. We ultimately ended up with the shots requested and so many more that showed their face on this crazy journey. Surprisingly, in the heat, I felt like I lost 20 pounds on what was an over the top food shoot!